NO More Dieting

Most of my life I have been dieting.  I was born an 8 1/2 pound baby.  My mother used to joke saying I came out asking, “where was the groceries.”  I was always a healthy child with a belly.   In childhood I ate what was placed before me, I was told to eat because there were children in other parts of the world starving, etc, etc.  You know the drill.  Then yelled at or made fun of for being fat.  I was always seeing some dietitian, doctor, or therapist to see what was wrong with Cate, why is she fat and keeps gaining weight.  Well, I was growing also.

I grew into a 5’6 athletic person with a large frame.  I took dance, gymnastics, karate, played softball, volleyball,  was on a swim team, drill team/cheer squad, wrestled, and power lifted all in an effort to keep my weight down and body in shape through the years.

As I got older and arthritis started setting in, I was not in school any longer being active, but out in the work a day world, the weight came back on.  One day while doing construction work I got hurt.  While recovering I got to my highest weight of 445lbs.  I was paralyzed over most of my body for a time and it would take several years to recover (my late 20’s early 30’s).  I got depressed and put the weight on.  I had help from well meaning enablers too.  After recovering I got down to 230 pounds.  So in my late 30’s I was this weight.  I moved to NYC where one does a lot of walking and I was able to keep the weight off.  As I drew toward my mid 40’s arthritis once again got hold of my knees forcing me to get replacements, and before I could get left knee replaced the leg got crushed in an accident.  I got not just a knee, but metal rods put in the leg, and a replacement in the right.  My weight went up over 300lbs.  In 2009 and 2010 I got the operations. Full recovery was to be 2 years per leg. I decided to just try to eat right for my body type.

Last year 2016 I weighed in at about 335lbs my goal by 2017 was to lose 50 pounds and I did it. I am under 300lbs.  I did not diet.  I just tweaked a few things.  I eat a more plant based diet.  One can say that I eat a ayurveda/paleo style diet for my body type. I plan to lose another 50 this year if not more. I am very spiritual and listen to do what is right for my body by the spirit.  I do about 85/15 vegetable/animal intake. My body was not made to be vegan.  Sorry to you all who are.  Do you.  I will do what is right for me.

I don’t do a lot of denying myself stuff, but I don’t have daily bad eating habits either.  I have an occasional Pepsi or Coke, candy bar or donuts, but not daily.  Sugar is not the best thing for me because I am hypoglycemic.  Sugar causes my sugar to drop.  I need protein to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, so I must have a high protein, low simple carbohydrate intake.  I can have plenty of complex carbohydrates.  So what I am saying is learn what is right for you and your body, then you will start seeing results without dieting.  Get off the roller coaster, and get into life. Learn to eat to live, and enjoy what you eat.



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