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Real Life on the Edge, vs. The Fiscal Cliff

December 9, 2012

As the politicitions talk about the Fiscal Cliff, I wish I could get them to try to live like me and so many others who survive on less then $1000 a month. I survive by Faith and Grace. I know it is not the government who takes care of me and makes living possible it is God.
Since leaving NYC I have not been able to find a decent job. The one I did manage to find at Giant Eagle for 8 month had

me in so much pain, because the supervisor refused to comply with my hourly disability standing limitations, to where I went on medical leave and did not go back. Then in Sepetember of 2011, SSD decided to take away the little income they gave me with no explanation and I had to move in with friends until I was able to get it starighten, and get an apartment again this October.
How I am able to make it, is by the Grace of God.
He has graced me with good friends who still help me out, or let me help them so I can pay for food, and have a little pocket money. I have problems with my back, hands, and legs to where working full time is not an option. I will be looking for a permanent part time job after the 1st of the year, to help my income. More then likely I will try to go through a service that helps those with disabilities. As you all know Miss Positive doesn’t harp on her disabilities. You all mostly see my happy, up, friend, minister and counselor side. That dark side is there, I spend time with the Lord in meditation and prayer to keep it at bay.
Even though I don’t have much, I am glad that I am able to give little gifts and time to friends and family. I do feel blessed in spite of the circumstances. I don’t live above my means, but I do live above my circumstance. I am so Grateful.