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March 22, 2012

I have been moving forward.  One has to start somewhere.  Everyday is a new day.  In late Fall I had a blow that lead to the flu, then after that I was physically sick and heart broken until February. It was like everything that could go wrong in my life did.  But, by the grace of God, I got through it. 

Now Spring is here and I am moving forward into a new place in my life.  Some things are here for a season and some for a reason.  I have seen some visions of my past lives and I know why things have happened in my life at the present.  I am not sad or mad, but somewhat content.  I know why things have happened the way they did.  And now I can get on with the good things that are coming.  I have been stagnant for a while, but it is time to get a move on and live.  There is a lot of life out there to live.