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Help Cancer Survivors and those still Fighting

June 22, 2010

I have noticed that there are millions of dollars raised for the Race for the Cure and Cancer Research projects.  This is going on while families and survivors are out there starving, using up their savings and having to almost beg for health care, meds, or such and just day to day rent, mortgage, utilities, and food.

I only know of one organization in central Ohio trying to help families survive daily expenses.  This organization is in need of funding because right now they have a waiting list of families in need of help.  If a fraction of the funds given to the American Cancer Foundation, Race for the Cure, the Stephanie  Spelman or Susan G. Komen foundations were given, the organization would be able to help and take care of those in need on the waiting list.  They also would be able to hire people to go do outreach and home care.

I know first had what it is to survive and go into remission.  I am a Leukemia survivor.  At one time I was given 5 months to live.  That was in 2002, and I am still here.  I have worked off and on over the years, but right now I am on disability because I got knees operated on last summer and since have not been able to find a job.  I am volunteering and such, but it does not pay the bills.  Disability pays the rent and utilities but not much else.  This article is not about me, but about an organization that needs funding and help to help others.  So if you can, give into this excellent reputable organization.

They would appreciate your help.  I myself give when I can.