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I am Getting Better, Not so Older

February 28, 2010

As I look at pictures of friends and family, I see our mortality. We know so much in this day and age about health and nutrition. We know what to do and how to do it. Yet a lot of us do nothing. We let ourselves go, we say tomorrow. I will start that plan to optimum health tomorrow, I will cut out sugar and white flour tomorrow, I will go to the gym tomorrow. But yet a lot of us know that tomorrow is not promised to any man or woman. Yes, I am guilty of doing these same things I speak about myself.
In January, I promised myself I would at least make an effort. I can say I have succeeded. It is baby steps mind you. I am doing it. I have cut the white sugar, and processed foods. I cook more and do more for myself. I have made a move toward making my home more green in products and such. I have to by my doctors orders also. I am allergic to a lot of things. My health depends on getting toxins out of my system. I am reading books by Dr. Don Cobert M.D. on Toxic Relief and Eating more correct for my health. I am seeing a Holistic Dr. at OSUH. I am overcoming severe anemia, a result of having Leukemia from 1998 to 2002. I was once given 5 months during the end of that time to live. I did die briefly and came back to tell the story. I did have a heaven experience, the tunnel, white lights, music,beings and all. God gave me a miracle. I need to treat my body better this time around.

Some of my friends and family do not know that I was a virgin until I was 36 years old. I wanted to wait until the right person came along who was supposed to be my husband. Well that person has not come yet. In being a part of a natural relationship when I moved to NYC, I did give in, and I am not sorry I did. In dating in NYC I did find a nice guy or two and had loving caring relationships, and as a part things happened naturally. So I do not judge, nor have I ever those who have sex before marriage. Sometimes marriage is not in some of our paths. Now if you are out there doing it, just to be doing it like a dog, then you may need to check yourself. The word does say everything in moderation is permissible, and if one studies history out, they will find the whats and where fores other then just what is being taught over the pulpits. So I leave that between the person, God and their conscience. Now I can say I left a beautiful Jewish man from Uzbekistan, back in NYC. We had a relationship for almost 3 years, but he never proposed until it was too late. When I told him I wanted to move back to my hometown to get legs operated on, that is when he spoke up, wanting me to move in with him, so he could take care of me. I had already made up my mind and my plans and I am stubborn. Men always seem to wait too late. His name was Lev. I cared deeply for him. I can not say I was in love. That bug has never really bit me. No guy in all my relationships over the many years has ever given me reason or cause to fall in love with them.
My second year in NYC I dated a guy from Cote De Ivory West Africa. He was 7 years older then me, we went out a couple times, I liked him he was chivalrous and such, but he started planning my life for me, wanting me to be his wife. He even tried to trap me. Sorry you all that think I am the angel minister, but I, to some, fell from grace. As a part of a relationship I was with him, he did not use protection and I got pregnant. I lost the baby going into my 3rd month. I believe it was a boy and he would have been 5 years old right now. Because my insides were not made to carry a child to term without a lot of help, the baby miscarried. The guy I was seeing was devastated. He broke down and cried like a baby. I was not hurt too much because he tired to trap me. I broke up soon after, and took back up my Ministry calling. NYC, had so much to teach me. I think I grew up, became a true adult woman there.

I faced death 1998-2002 from Leukemia. When that went into remission I moved to NYC Fall of 2003. I lost my virginity in Winter of 2003. I lost a baby in Spring 2004. Then became a Youth Pastor in the Summer of 2004. Go figure, my God is so good. Life went on pretty smoothly until I started losing the use of my legs in 2007. It was time to get ready, save money to move back home to Central Ohio. I came back September of 2008. Went through 2 major leg surgeries Spring of 2009 and Summer of 2009. Been trying to heal and doing well when the Leukemia tried to raise its ugly head again about a month ago. It was just a trick or test to get me headed in a direction of better health. I had to go for treatments and such, but it was a wake up call none the less to get better. I am getting better. I refuse to get old and sick. I have little nephews and nieces who need Auntie Cate to play with them and help teach them. Then when God does decide to grant me another beautiful loving relationship, I can be healthy and ready to go. I can give that person the companion and partner they need.
I am getting better so I can be the person, minister, sister, aunt, daughter, and friend, God made me to be, and that he needs me to be. We have to let our Spirits rule, not our bodies. We have to relay more on Gods strength if we can’t on our own. He has more will power, overcoming power to give us then just relaying on our own. I know I can’t do it alone.

I told you all this story because there may be someone out there that needs to be encouraged. Yes, I messed up a couple times, but I dusted myself off and kept going. My pastor told me to be up or getting up. I have kept that as one of my themes for years. I never let myself stay down. No pity parties here. If someone wants me to have a pity party with them, I am not the one. Find someone else. I am taking care of myself, Spirit, Soul, and Body, for the glory of God, the Kingdom and just plainly for myself. I have a purpose, I have a path to follow, I can’t follow my path or purpose if I am sick and tired all the time. I am growing better, and I am getting better not older.

Know You are Blessed and Highly Favored by the Creator.


My Health Path and Road to Detoxing my Life

February 25, 2010

I have been consulting with a couple of my doctors lately.  I had a scare with the symptoms of Leukemia, which the main one is server Anemia of which I live with on a daily basis.  Another symptom is Low Blood Pressure.  For the last couple of weeks my blood pressure went high, then went low, and has stayed low.  At times my heart has raced to where I have almost passed out. Then if doing too much, I get very dizzy.  So I have to just try to be a bit healthier.  My body will go through a few things as I am on the road to detoxifying it and getting healthy.

I am currently reading Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., book on Toxic Relief.  This is so good.  I talked with my associate pastor, Dr. Tracy Forbes about it and she is familiar with this book and other by Dr. Don Colbert.  She says they are good teaching.  He talks about doing different types of fasts in order to detox the body.  I talked with my medical doctors about such and they told me it was a good thing.  I am glad that we are now living in a day and age where the medical community is seeing the benefits of Holistic and Alternative ways to health other then popping pills, and chemical treatments.  One of my doctors suggested I get all the chemical that I can out of my house.  He told me to stop using petroleum based product, and soap with Laurel sulfates in them.  So I did.  I got some natural shampoos, conditioners and bath wash from Whole Foods store and Raisin Rack.  I got Toms brand tooth paste and deodorant.  No more aluminum in my system.  I am going to go as natural and green as I can afford to go.  I am currently unemployed, living on a very fixed income, so all the regular super market and dollar store stuff is very cheap and inviting.  One thing though, it is killing me.  Do I spend more and live, or go cheap and die?  I want to live.  So I am believing God to make a way for my dollars and the things I buy to stretch and last.

I visited The Bexley Natural Market at 508 N. Cassady Avenue, in Columbus, Ohio and found a few items I have not really noticed other places, like Quorn products ( .  This is a meat substitute  made from Mycoprotein:

All Quorn™ products contain mycoprotein. Mycoprotein (“myco” is Greek for “fungi”) is a nutritious member of the fungi family, as are mushrooms, truffles, and morels. The fungus used in all Quorn™ products is Fusarium Venenatum. There are lots of great things about mycoprotein which very few people know, so here are just a few:

– Mycoprotein is a fungus which contains high-quality protein, enabling us to offer an alternative, purely vegetarian source of protein to meat. It is high quality because it has all 9 essential amino acids.

– Mycoprotein is naturally low in fat.

– Mycoprotein also contains very few calories, so we can bring you foods which deliver on taste but which don’t max out on the calorie content.

– Mycoprotein also contains essential dietary fiber, which as we all know, helps to maintain a healthy digestive system.

– Mycoprotein contains zero cholesterol.

– Mycoprotein is completely meat-free and soy-free.

The mycoprotein organism that is used in all Quorn™ products does grow naturally, but we simply grow it under controlled conditions so that we can bring you a large variety of high-quality Quorn products.

Only Quorn™ products contain this special vegetarian protein ingredient, and our expert chefs have many years of experience in using mycoprotein as an ingredient and turning it into our deliciously tasty and convenient line of ingredient products, grillable items and classic chicken-style products that we’ve become famous for.

Quorn™ is simply the brand name we use to highlight those products that contain our special ingredient. Look for the Quorn™ logo in the freezer sections of natural food stores and the natural section of supermarkets nationwide and make a positive choice for you and your family!

Finally a substitute I can have.  I am allergic to Soy products. Most meat substitutes are made from Soy.

I am also going natural or green with my dish liquid and other cleaning products.  I found a brand called ECOVER which is concentrated to where I will not miss my Palmolive.  One can learn about this brand at  They also have laundry detergent and non chlorine bleach. I found some different foods and green cleaning products at moderate and low prices at World Market.  I can’t believe I found rice crackers (2lb bag $3.50) and McCain brand oatmeal (2lb bag $4) at Big Lots of all places.  I also found Muir Glen organic tomato products there also.  I check their “gourmet,” foods dept from time to time.  Who would think they carry olive oil, rice noodles, spices, a gluten-free oatmeal, among other usually expensive food items, for a low price?  Big kudos to these stores.  Praise God, for these places to help me stretch my dollars.

I am glad my path to good health is being made a little easier.  More information to come as I get and find it for those on a similar path.

Be blessed and walk with me.

Shopping for Nutritious Foods and Turning Green

February 10, 2010

In the last couple of weeks it has been an experience trying to shop for wholesome nutritious foods.  I have looked for organics vegetables and fruits, meats and dairy with no fillers or antibiotics, baked goods and mixes that are gluten-free and have spent over $200.  I am glad I have just me to shop for and not a whole family.  The natural food stores in Columbus, Ohio are:

Bexley Natural Market (Coop)- at 506 N. Cassady Avenue  Bexley, Ohio Phone (614) 252-3951

Raisin Rack – 618 W. Schrock Rosd Westerville, Ohio 43081    phone (614) 882-5886.

Trader Joe’s – 3888 Townfair Way Columbus, Ohio   phone (614) 473-0794

Whole Foods Market – 1555 W. Lane Ave, Upper Arlington OH 43221 or 3670 W Dublin-Granville Rd. Columbus, OH  43235

North Market – 59 Spruce St. Columbus, OH 43215  phone (614) 463-9664

These are the markets in my area of which I can shop.  The closest to me is the Bexley Natural Foods Market.  They have a lot of dry good, but a small produce and fresh foods selection.  They are good with the gluten-free and meat substitute items.

The big chain regular grocery stores are starting to catch on because of dollars and cents.  Which to them makes a lot of sense.  You hit a business in their bottom line and they will respond.  We have Giant Eagle, Kroger, and Walmart.  These store are selling organic produce and a few other items mixed in.  Giant Eagle has their “Natural Market,” brand, which are organics in the meat, dairy, can and dry goods section.  The prices are lower then the specialty stores, but still higher in price 1.5 times more then the other stuff.  I go to Kroger for some things, but they are higher in their prices on regular items then Giant Eagle, plus the best fuel perks are at Giant Eagle.  Kroger gives you only $.03 off a gallon where as Giant Eagle give at least $.10 to .20 off if not more.  The most I got was $1.20 off per gallon.  You can save up your perks, and Krogers expire after a while.

I have gone natural with my shampoo, conditioner, and soap products.  Did you know natural products leave very little scum in the tub or shower.  Also my hair feels light and fluffy after the hair care products.  I don’t need a lot of conditioner as I did with others.  I do love the natural scents of peppermint, lavender, and sandalwood.  I gave away my old perfumes for natural oils, sorry Bath and Body works and my Colgate for Toms brand.    I am getting the toxins out of my life.  Next is laundry detergents and softeners.  I also want to go green with my printer paper and ink.  I will do things as my income allows.

Right now I am unemployed and living on disability.  I hope to find a job soon.  I have been looking for 2 years now.  There seems to be a job freeze in Central Ohio.  There are some retail jobs, but I can’t stand on my feet for too long.  I would like to work in a nonprofit organization.  I hope this helps some of you out there.  Next is a report on how my eating is coming along.

Trials to A Healthy Me

February 1, 2010

Today has been a fair eating day.  I had 2 cups of coffee with creamer and sugar, a toasted English muffin w/butter for breakfast.  For lunch I had a cheeburger patty no bun with mayo onion and tomato slices, mashed potatoes, gravy and mix California vegetables (only ate half the potatoes). For dinner I had a bowl of pinto bean soup.  Not too bad.  I may have some pop corn later, but I would really love something sweet.

I went to the hospital The James at UH East: , to get some lab work done, they took 17 viles of blood from me.  They want to check for almost everything to see if I am doing OK.  They also want to do a colonoscopy  soon.  I sent an email to my regular doctor to go ahead and schedule it if he wanted to.  My I will not see my Hematologist/Oncologist until the 22nd, of which he was going to schedule it.  I guess as long as it gets done and they find or don’t find what they are looking for in my system.  I myself am going to keep trying to do on my part with nutrition and exercise what I am supposed to do in order to get well.   Sometimes I wonder about this body that has been given to me.  I can only do the best I can with it, be up or getting up as my pastor once told me.